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Welcome to LDL Online Training!

At LDL we have been delivering live sales, leadership, management, negotiation and presentation skills training courses for more than three decades. Available open and in-company LDL training is recognised for its exceptional quality, robust methodologies and hard headed approach.

To complement our live training and bring LDL to a mobile audience, we decided to develop a state-of-the-art online training platform.

Two years in the making, the platform is finally here, with three courses for you to choose from: 'The Inspirational Leader' 'The New Rules of Selling' and 'Negotiate To Win'.

LDL Online Training - Available 24/7

Repetition and reinforcement are key to the process of learning, and the great advantage of online training is repetition is at your fingertips. You can easily revisit and repeat particular modules on a device of your choosing.

"Loved the simplicity of the course and the bite size modules, it reinforced the obvious in a positive and encouraging way. You feel energised and confident after completing each section".
LM, UK Operations Manager, Charles Kendall

LDL Online Training – With Robin Fielder

Most online training courses typically consist either of a PowerPoint on which the instructor’s voice has been superimposed, or an actor front of camera. Neither are particularly good at holding your attention. LDL Online Training courses put you face to face with Robin Fielder, one of the UK’s foremost leadership and sales improvement strategists.

As head of LDL, Robin has personally conducted more than 900 seminars and courses to 300,000 plus executives. He is the author of two books, numerous sales and leadership articles and Close That Sale! – the biggest selling programme in UK training history, attended by a staggering 128,000 people.

A dynamic and exciting speaker, he has the uncanny knack of reducing business skills into a series of easy-to-follow steps and then getting people to use them. 

"Good to have Robin virtually engage with me, I found his enthusiasm contagious and it was handy that anything I didn't understand or wanted to hear again I could pause and play back."
SL, National Sales Manager, Maco

LDL Online Training – Engaging Your Attention from Start to Finish

To prevent overwhelm and non-action each LDL Online Training course is chunked down for you into bitesize lessons (from 3 to 15 mins each) with interactive exercises to help you apply the learning and self-assessments to check your understanding. Great care has been taken with the course design to ensure you experience a rewarding and structured journey as each course unfolds.

With live animations in the background of each video, you will be able to easily track the flow of the training. If you would like to chat through your requirements do call us +44 (0)20 7381 6233.

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