The Inspirational Leader

Online Leadership Training For Directors & Managers 

Learn how the world's most successful managers inspire, engage and motivate their people to achieve extraordinary results. And how you can apply these skills to your team.

Management and leadership has changed. People no longer want to be told what to do, They want to be engaged, they want to be inspired and they want you to assist them in reaching their goals. All this requires a different style of leadership to what worked in the past. This course shows you how.

After just the first 10 minutes you will notice yourself behaving differently with your people. 

With its focus on the practice of leadership, the programme is suitable for directors and managers from any function. 

Invest 1 Hour Each Week 

This is a comprehensive executive leadership programme. We recommend you set aside up to 1 hour each week to complete 2 to 3 lessons and their related action steps. This will enable you to complete the full course in 3 months (you can of course go faster or slower as you wish). 

You'll learn rapidly

The material is condensed, with all padding and unnecessary information stripped out. The result is a series of short, focussed video lessons (from 3 to 14 mins each) packed with practical, real world 'how to's' you can apply immediately. 

Course Structure

The course begins with three foundation sessions which give you a solid understanding of modern leadership. The program then coaches you through eight key strategies to improve the performance of others as a leader. 

In 31 video lessons over 12 chapters and 4 self-assessments you'll learn:

  • What Is The Work of Leadership? Learn the one ability above all others that sets managers above their peers. (6.55 mins)
  • Course Structure & The Big 4 Diagnostics. (3.42 mins)


  • Transform Your Communication Style - Use Persuasion Not Power. (8.00 mins)
  • Help People To Give Their All - Align Organisation & Personal Goals. (8.42 mins)
  • When You Let Go, They Grow - How To Delegate In An Inspirational Way. (3.07 mins)
  • Catch People Doing Something Right. (4.02 mins)
  • Regard Everyone As A Potential Winner - Expectations Communicate. (5.10 mins)
  • How To Instill A Sense of Fun - It's A Great Business Lubricant. (2.44 mins)


  • Differentiate Between Motivation & Manipulation. One works, the other ..... (3.04 mins)
  • Law 1 - Be Motivated To Motivate. How To Access Your Ideal Performance State. (8.51 mins)
  • Law 2 - Motivation Requires A Goal. (7.53 mins)
  • Law 3 - Motivation Requires Recognition. (5.20 mins)
  • Law 4 - Motivation Once Established Never Lasts. (4.45 mins)


  • It Starts With You - How To Set Up Your Personal Leadership Programme. (4.41 mins)



The Eight Strategies

  • Set The Direction. You must know where you're going if you expect others to join you on the journey. (5.21 mins)
  • How To Get Buy In. THE all important step in unlocking discretionary effort. (5.35 mins)


  • 3 Steps To Get The Culture Right In Your Team. (13.08 mins)
  • Go One Step Further & Define Your Core Ideology. (3.16 mins)


  • Be The Leader You Want To Follow. You Lead First By Example. (10.54 mins)


  • Capable, Confident & Strong. How To Use The 'Gift' of Encouragement. (7.35 mins)
  • How To Give Praise. How To Instill a Growth Mindset. (4.26 mins)


  • Everyone Wants More Feedback - Here's How To Do It Well. (3.18 mins)
  • Constructive Critique/Support. Sooner or later you will have to have a 'difficult conversation' with a team member. How To Use The Ask-LESA™ Model To Do It Well. (4.28 mins)


  • Thrive On Change - Setting The Scene. (4.35 mins)
  • How To Use The ROVCOS™ Model For Leading Change. (9.17 mins)


  • Be A Learner. How To Create A Culture Where People Have A Tremendous Opportunity To Be Heard. (8.25 mins)


  • How To Foster Teamwork. 2 Core Principles and 5 Actionable Ideas You Can Use Immediately. (12.43 mins)
  • The Ultimate Team Exercise. (5.43 mins)


  • Handle Adversity. All The Evidence Suggests That How You And Your People Respond To Adversity Is A Strong Predictor of Success. (5.51 mins)
  • 3 Ways To Build Resilience. (13.03 mins)

Course Conclusion

  • Summary of Key Learning Points. (3.42 mins)



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