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New Online Training Courses from LDL

Advance your career with these self-paced, interactive online courses. Bite-sized to keep you interested, motivated and enjoying the learning.

The New Rules of Selling

Within minutes these powerful sales secrets will completely transform the way you look at sales. You'll learn to sell yourself, your products and your ideas to anyone. 

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The Inspirational Leader

Learn how you can use the leadership skills of the world’s most successful managers to inspire, engage and motivate your people to achieve extraordinary results.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose LDL Online

Robust Methodologies

Each LDL course has received thousands of hours of development work by our training team. The skills content has been hammered out in session after session of consultant reviews.


Delivered By Robin Fielder

Robin is LDL's founder - his seminars and courses have been attended by 300,000 people and include Close That Sale! - the biggest selling programme in UK training history. An exciting, upbeat trainer.

You'll Enjoy The Process

From start to finish. Great care has been taken to ensure you experience a rewarding and structured journey. To prevent overwhelm and non-action each module is chunked into bitesize lessons.

"A number of our Directors and Partners have recently experienced the Inspirational Leadership seminar led by Robin. Feedback has been fantastic."

NI, Head of Learning, Deloitte

"It's almost impossible to listen to him and not get more sales as a result. Enthusiastic, practical & comprehensive. Robin was quite simply amazing."

DJ, Sales Manager, Daikin

"I tell everyone I know - if you want to become a great leader or an outstanding sales person, take courses from LDL, you won't regret it"

DW, Training Consultant

How You Can Use LDL Online

As a standalone option for management & sales development.

To help embed the learning from live training workshops.

As part of a blended learning approach (live + online).

To use as a resource with the 70-20-10 model.

To facilitate mobile and on-demand learning.

For sales managers looking for content to train their team.


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