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What's Your Edge?

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Robin believes there is no greater high than the unashamed buzz you get when you outsell your competition. This preview shows you how it's done.

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"Loved the simplicity of the course and the bite size modules, it reinforced the obvious in a positive and encouraging way. You feel energised and confident after completing each section."
LM, UK Operations Manager, Charles Kendall

"Really enjoyed the New Rules of Selling, it’s good to be able to have Robin virtually engage with me, I found his enthusiasm contagious and it was handy that anything I didn't understand or wanted to hear again I could pause and play back."
SL, National Sales Manager, Maco

"It was an informative and greatly produced training. Robin is an excellent instructor."
KD, International Recruitment Consultant, Boston Link

"10/10. Best sales course I've done. Greatly explained on the videos and I found the content very beneficial. Not only the different techniques to apply to everyday sales but I enjoyed the mind game part at the end to build self-confidence."
AM, Business Development Director Europe, Satcom Direct