How To Negotiate - Without Sacrificing Margin

A content rich, fast moving programme that looks at negotiation from the SALES side.
Not just for sellers, but for executives at every level.


The programme comprises 2 video and 4 audio lessons. The audios can be downloaded or watched on screen with animated support.

Interactive Workbook

To reinforce your learning, included in the course is a 34 page interactive workbook you can download and work through as the programme unfolds. 

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What You'll Learn

Based on the real world, real people and real situations. This high impact workshop shows you how to make better, more profitable deals every time.

  • Don't be a tough negotiator, be an effective one
  • All negotiating involves an attempted trade off between getting what you want and getting along with people
  • How to build a both-win relationship
  • What makes good negotiation skills?
  • How to use the give and take process
  • How to handle ‘deadlock’ and ‘Is that negotiable’
  • What's your aspiration level?
  • The most useful question in negotiating
  • Stop seeing price as THE issue
  • Identify your negotiable variables
  • What if you have pushed the other side too far?
  • Negotiating with higher authority
  • How to use the written word to win the advantage
  • How to negotiate a price rise 
  • The commercial equivalent of ONO and why you should never use it
  • Separate the people from the negotiation
  • The psychology of acceptance time
  • The supertactic – how to handle “I like your proposal but this is all I’ve got”
  • How to handle “Let’s split the difference” and “You’ve got to do better than that” and “Take it or leave it”
  • Tactics the seller can use. Tactics the buyer can use. The seller’s most useful ploy. The buyer’s most useful ploy.
  • Escalation of terms. Escalation of authority
  • The final agreement. Closing
  • How deadlines affect the outcome
  • Power is in the mind. Patience and time
  • You need them but they don't need you - how to handle it
  • How to get leverage. How to use BATNA
  • The 3 step system to handle any price challenge.
  • How to differentiate between a price challenge and the more complex negotiation.
  • 12 point negotiation planning guide.
  • 5 step model for complex negotiation
  • Learn how 'where you sit' during the negotiation, impacts the outcome
  • How the non-verbal can boost your effectiveness
  • How to use space, height and posture when selling and negotiating

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Robin Fielder, founder of LDL, and I am your personal negotiation training coach and instructor for this programme.

Step- by step you'll learn how to make better more profitable deals every time. 

What Clients Say

“10/10. Very informative and enjoyable. For an audio course it has given me as much useful information as I think it could possibly have done. I really like the notebook and think it will come in handy going forward.”
BC, Product Manager, Aurora Scientific


Tuition is £195 + VAT for 12 months unlimited access. Learning online is highly cost effective - it also avoids the need for travel and minimises time away from the office. 

A single, simple idea received and then deliberately practised will transform your negotiating effectiveness. 

The 'Negotiate To Win' online  programme includes:

  • 4 audio lessons recorded live - downloadable
  • 2 structured video lessons 
  • 34 page interactive workbook - fillable download
  • 1 self-assessment to check your understanding
  • Bonus 'Body Language' module 
  • Certification
  • Unlimited access for 12 months (90 days with the C-19 special offer)
  • Priority support

There are 102 minutes of audio training divided into 4 lessons (and a bonus session) plus two 6 minute videos and their related action steps - these action steps help you apply the learning to your situation. So you could complete the programme in an afternoon but we recommend you invest one hour a day for three days. 

On completion of all sections you can claim your Certificate of Achievement.

Discounted rates are available for groups of 4 or more. For more information or if you are interested in a blended approach which combines online and virtual training via Zoom please contact us +44(0)20 7381 6233 or email [email protected].

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