The New Rules of Selling

The Ultimate Online Sales Course - With Robin Fielder

The New Rules of Selling

Learn to sell more, better, faster with this state-of-the-art online course. The content proactively equips you with the latest consultative-partner selling skills demanded by today's market. 


What Clients Say

" Hi Robin, I started your online sales course today, The New Rules of Selling. Having met you in the past and been lucky enough to have been trained by you personally I am pleased to say my gut feeling was right and the training was excellent. Your enthusiasm, confidence and to the point explanations provide all with a lift ... absolutely excellent and worth the annual fee. "

RM, UK Sales Manager, Amplicon

What You'll Learn

Bite-size, focused sessions make the learning super easy to digest and implement.

In Module 1 we go right back to the basic principles of persuasion, influence and building relationships. You learn how selling is changing and how the WAY you sell has become a key differentiator. You learn not only how to sell value, but how to become the value.

  • How Selling Is Changing
  • How To Be A Trusted Adviser, Consultant & Partner
  • Why You Must Be A 3 Dimensional Salesperson

 In Module 2 we investigate the 7 all important, foundation principles you need for sales mastery - this module alone will supercharge your sales strategy. You'll learn:

  • How To Differentiate Your Proposition & Sell The Difference 
  • How To Communicate Value
  • How To Build Trust. People Buy People First -  How To Sell Yourself
  • How To Sell Solutions & Insights 
  • Benefit Rotated Questions
  • The 4 Levels of Sales Effectiveness
  • 5 Keys To Build Credibility
  • The Importance of LinkedIn 
  • The Power of Enthusiasm. Energy Sells. The 4 S Test
  • Cover The Bases - How To Handle Multiple Decision Influencers 

Finding new business begins with establishing your value proposition. In Modules 3 & 4 you'll learn:

  • 4 Steps To Create A Killer Value Proposition That Opens Doors
  • How To Make The Appointment By Phone 
  • How To Generate Leads Via Email
  • How To Ask For Referrals 
  • How To Use Both Hard & Soft Differentiators 
  • 5 Rules For Selling Against Competition.
  • Why You Should Never Ask "Are You Seeing Anyone Else?" 

In Module 5 we look at how to sell an idea, how to motivate people to act. Knowing what makes people buy is fundamental to understanding how to structure the sale and present your ideas. You'll learn:

  • What Makes People Buy Today?
  • Motivation vs Manipulation 
  • The 4 Step Sales Structure 
  • How To Open The Sale.  How To Probe For Requirements.
  • How To Match.

In Module 6 we look at closing and gaining commitment. Closing skills are often regarded as unimportant in this era of relationship selling. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unless you gain commitment nothing happens. You'll learn:

  • Why Closing Skills Are Still Essential
  • How To Close Professionally & Without Pressure
  • How To Decide When To Close 
  • The Final Close - How To Ask For The Business / Secure Agreement To Go Ahead
  • The 7 Word Soft Close Perfect For The Consultative-Partner Sale 

In Module 7 we learn how to handle  'I want to think about it.' using the 7 -step LACPAAC® process. A million miles from old-style closing tactics, LACPAAC® is a consultative-partner approach that gives you a real edge in the final stages of the sale. You'll learn:

  • Why You Need A Structured Process For Gaining Commitment
  • How To Use The 7 Steps of LACPAAC® 
  • How To Apply LACPAAC® When A Sale Is Stalled Post Proposal 

In Module 8 we learn how to pre-handle and handle objections or areas of mismatch as we prefer to call them. You''l learn:

  • How To Focus On Objection Prevention Not Cure
  • The 3 Step Structure To Answer Any Objection Without Confrontation
  • How To Answer Typical Objections - eg price too high, I can buy cheaper elsewhere, your delivery is too long, I'm not interested, how do I know you will do what you say 

Modules 1 to 8 give you a solid foundation training in modern day selling. With Modules 9 & 10 the course moves up a gear to more advanced skills.  

  • Gap Analysis Selling. Find Out & Match Assumes Your Prospect Has A Requirement, But What If She Doesn't?
  • How To Use Questions To Create A Gap Between Where The Prospect/Existing Account Is And Where They Could Be Using Your Product/Service
  • How To Widen The Gap So Your Prospect Wants To Act Now
  • How To Put It All Together And Expand The Four Step Sales Process, OPEN, FIND OUT, MATCH, CLOSE, Into The More Advanced Eight Step LACPOMAC® Sales Structure
  • How To Use LACPOMAC®  As A Navigational Aid - A System of Questions To Move The Sale Forward

In Module 11 we look at your voice and how you can train it to sound warmer, more likeable and more authoritative. Overlooked by most courses we consider this training essential for sales leaders. You'll learn:

  • How To Add Gravitas and Presence To Your Voice - When You Sound Good People Listen
  • 3 Exercises You Can Use Immediately
  • How To Use Your Breathing To Relax & Build A Sense of Control In High Stress Situations

In Module 12 we switch the emphasis from the sales to the buying process.  One of the best ways to improve sales effectiveness is to know WHERE in the buying cycle your prospect is and then tailor your approach appropriately. The stages of the buying cycle are summarised by the RACERNI® acronym. You'll learn:

  • The RACERNI® Buying Cycle - 7 Steps From Developing Requirements To Implementation
  • Stages 1-3 Recognition of Requirement. This Is How The Sale Begins In The Mind of The Buyer
  • Stage 4 Evaluation of Competing Options. How To Get Them To Choose You 
  • Stages 5 - 7 The End Game. Final Steps The Buyer Goes Through Before Giving Your Proposal The Green Light
  • What You Should Do At Each Stage To Maximise The Opportunity
  • How To Link The Sales Structure & The Buying Cycle

In this module we introduce sales negotiation skills. The customer you speak to tomorrow morning is almost certain to have received negotiation skills training on how to improve the terms they get from their suppliers. To sell profitably you MUST know how to defend your price and negotiate effectively. You'll learn:

  • 4 Powerful Negotiating Skills To Help You Reach Agreement Without Sacrificing Margin
  • How To Respond When The Customer Asks 'Is That Negotiable?'
  • The 3 Step Model To Negotiate Any Price Challenge

For All Levels

Whether you're looking to master the foundation principles or you're already experienced and looking for more advanced skills, this programme will work for you.

Bite Sized

The training is chunked into 40 short video segments with 16 downloadable resources & worksheets to consolidate your learning and 4 self-assessments to check your understanding. 

1 Hour Each Week

Set aside just 1 hour each week to complete 3 to 4 lessons and their related action steps and you will be able to complete the full course in 12 weeks (you can of course go faster or slower as you wish).

The Ultimate Online Sales Course

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Your Bonus Module

In addition you receive our highly effective Mind Game module which gives you the confidence and mindset to put your new skills into practice.

Master The Mind Game  

Think of the most successful salesperson you have ever met. What is it that makes them so good? ... It's usually not their sales skills - it's their drive, confidence and mindset. We call this Skill+Will™. Learn how to build your 'Will' factors in this 6 lesson bonus module.

You can have the best skills in the world, but if the mindset is not there you will not peak perform. There is a very clear link between confidence and performance. In this special 6 lesson bonus module  you'll learn:

  • How To Develop A Winner's Mindset
  • The Skill+Will™ Matrix
  • The Success Circle - 6 Steps You Can Use Immediately To Develop Drive, Motivation & Unshakeable Confidence.
  • Talent Counts, Grit Counts Twice. It's Desire Not Ability That Gets You There
  • Clarity Is It - Set Clear Goals 
  • How To Build Self-Belief - 3 Techniques You Can Use Immediately
  • How To Use Visualisation & Mental Rehearsal To Be You At Your Best When It Counts
  • Control The Controllables - It's Not What Happens, It's How You Take It
  • Associate With Positive People & Avoid The Negative
  • Master The Temptation To Quit 

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Robin Fielder, founder of LDL, and I am your personal sales training coach and instructor for this sales mastery programme.

Step- by step you'll learn how to become one of the most effective, well paid sales executives in your industry.


Tuition is £495 + VAT for 12 months unlimited access. Learning online is highly cost effective - it also avoids the need for travel and minimises time away from the office.

If you are able to harness even half of the ideas in 'The New Rules of Selling' you will be unstoppable.

Two years in the making with 900 plus hours of development time 'The New Rules of Selling' online sales mastery programme includes:

  • 40 structured video lessons 
  • 16 worksheets & downloads 
  • 4 self-assessments to check your understanding
  • Bonus module
  • Certification
  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • Priority support

There are 40 bite sized lessons from 3 to 15 mins each. We recommend you spend one hour each week to complete 3 to 4 lessons and their related action steps - these action steps help you apply the learning to your sales situation. This will enable you to complete the course in 12 weeks. You can of course go faster or slower as you wish.

On completion of all sections you can claim your Certificate of Achievement.

Discounted rates are available for groups of 4 or more. For more information or if you are interested in a blended approach which combines online and live training please contact us +44(0)20 7381 6233 or email [email protected]

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The New Rules of Selling - an IN-DEPTH, modern sales training programme that gives you all the skills you need to achieve success in today’s market.

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